Supercars: Real Reason For Hampton Downs, Tasmania Cancellations Revealed

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

With the announcement that the New Zealand, Tasmania and Perth rounds of the Supercars championship have been cancelled “due to coronavirus fears”, the crack team of investigative journalists at The Waterton Sports Chronicle has done some investigating and found the real reason might be far more sinister. 

While we are still investigating the situation in Perth, it seems that the local farmers occupying the lush farmland areas surrounding both the Hampton Downs and Symmons Plains circuits might have expressed concerns about the sheer number of “outsiders” coming into the area and wooing their sheep away to better lives. 

This was certainly the main concern for Waikato sheep and beef farmer Wally McCracken (54) when this reporter caught up with him on his farm just north of the Hampton Downs circuit. 

“I was really worried, to be honest mate. Normally it’s not much of a concern because pretty much no one turns up to the circuit, And the people that do turn up are normally Ford, GT, motorbike, or open wheeler types who aren’t really interested in amorous sheep.” Wally explained. 

“But they were talking about 20,000 or maybe more people turning up. And more than half of them Holden fans?! Me whole bloody flock would have eloped!”. 

Dale Baxter (43), who runs a flock of merinos next door to the Symmons Plains circuit, shared similar concerns. 

“Yeah look mate, every year the mainlanders, and even some bloody kiwis turn up here, I have to lock the girls away in the shed. There’s just too much other stuff going on this year so it’ll be a bit of a relief not to have to bother with it this year.” he explained. 

“And with it being Holden’s last year, there would have been a particularly randy bunch of fans here I reckon.”.