Supercars: “Penske Beating Us Nearly Destroyed Supercars” Reckons Roland Dane

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Triple 8 boss Roland Dane has had another massive whinge today, in what some are speculating is pent up frustration from not being able to penalise Scott McLaughlin for anything last weekend. 

Dane’s rant was unsurprisingly about parity, and how, despite his constant whingeing and crying throughout 2019, someone else still won. 

“I mean, we threw more weight in the Mustang, we ruined their centre of gravity while making ours better, we took downforce off them while improving ours, and still they bloody won!” Dane yelped. 

“Someone suggested after the Melbourne Grand Prix event last year that maybe we needed to put a bit more time into making our car faster and our drivers better. I thought that was bloody ridiculous to be honest. Why would we do that when  we can just slow down anyone that was faster than us?!” hissed Roland. 

Dane told The Waterton Sports Chronicle he had worked hard to make sure Triple 8 had “parity” and Team Penske coming along and beating them “almost ruined the sport.” 

“It was really only after Pukekohe last year when Jame (Whincup) got away with abusing the stewards for penalising him, after he passed the safety car again, that we kinda thought parity might have been restored.”