Super Rugby: “No Change To Crowd Numbers Expected” Says Raelene Castle

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Rugby Australia boss Raelene Castle is confident the suspension of the Super Rugby season will have “no impact” on crowd attendance. 

Castle told The Waterton Sports Chronicle she is expecting absolutely no change to current viewership either in terms of crowd attendance at matches or those watching on TV. 

“Yeah look, we’re pretty confident our crowd attendance and TV numbers won’t go into negative numbers, but these are tough times so you never know.” she explained. 

Castle told this reporter Rugby Australia is hoping the suspension of the 2020 season might give whatever rugby union fans there might still be in Australia the opportunity to reminisce about that time 20 years ago when Australia didn’t absolutely suck at Rugby. 

“Yeah. They should Youtube some of the early 2000s games. We were pretty good back then apparently.” Castle explained.