Punters Find Good Value In Random Romanian Volleyball Leagues As Everything Else Dries Up

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Punters have found a ray of hope amidst otherwise gloomy punting prospects today with the discovery of some absolute gold in the form of random amateur volleyball leagues still being held in Romanian. 

Waterton punter Gary told The Waterton Sports Chronicle his usual strategy of building up a tidy bankroll during the week on NBA before blowing it all on strippers and the Warriors on the weekends was “thrown into disarray” by the coronavirus hysteria. 

Gary told this reporter “desperate times called for desperate measures”. 

“Yeah mate basically I had nothing to do the other night and was looking for something to put a cheeky hundy on. I stumbled across this random Romanian volleyball league thing paying like $3 head to head. A little bit of googling and boom! I’m $200 up! Good times!”. 

Gary said even if actual sports come back this year sometime he’ll probably just stick with the volleyball.