Coronavirus Epicentre Shifts Amid Racism Claims

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

While it was originally widely reported that coronavirus became the apocalyptic, click-inducing, toilet paper-hoarding mass clusterfxxk it is today, because the Chinese government doesn’t like it when people say mean things about them, it turns out we were wrong about that and that was just racist, apparently.

More traditionally caucasian places like Spain, Italy, and the USA are now taking the blame for the pandemic because it was deemed “a bit racist” to blame Chinese people because they’re not white. 

Waterton University of Technology (WUT) Professor of Gender & Minority Studies Julian Merde-de-Cheval told The Waterton Daily Chronicle he was relieved that China was no longer being held responsible. 

“It was causing a lot of anxiety among our students. They were feeling really uncomfortable with white people criticising Chinese people for how they responded to the crisis.” he explained. 

Merde-de-Cheval went on to explain that students were much more comfortable with places like Spain and Italy being blamed for the crisis. 

“It’s much easier for them to cope with blaming old white people.” he added.