Waterton Man Succumbs To Lack Of Sport On TV

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

A Waterton man has tonight succumbed to the complete lack of things to watch on TV in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The news comes after Waterton Lakes grandfather Ken Jones (64) became increasingly agitated over the weekend as one by one the things he liked to watch on TV were cancelled. 

“It started with the footy on Friday, then the Formula One, then the Supercars. The Supercars was the final straw really. He was up and about at 8am on Saturday morning all excited about the Melbourne event.” explained Ken’s grandson Ken. 

“He even cracked out his Jack Daniels Racing shirt just to support the Kelly boys.” Ken Jr added. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle understands the big man took it pretty hard when he found out he may as well put his cardigan back on and go back to watching around-the-clock coverage of how we’re all going to die. 

“I knew he was in a really bad way when he asked me about esports.” said Ken Jr, as his eyes welled up with tears. 

“He just looked so defeated. He actually asked me ‘What’s this esports caper all about then?’”. 

More to come.