Supercars: Richie Stanaway Back In The Frame As Supercars “Relishes” Opportunity To Run Fan-Free Events

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

The coronavirus panic has presented the perfect opportunity for Supercars weirdo Richie Stanaway to make a comeback to what some allege is the premier motorsport series in Australia. 

Following the entire Melbourne Grand Prix event being cancelled over one confirmed case of what is basically a slightly more contagious version of the flu, there are apparently whisperings among dark corners of the Supercars community that the 2020 season might be run entirely online, hopefully not on Forza. 

This development would probably bring notorious crowd favourite and massive introvert Richie Stanaway back into contention as a driver in the series, with the “eccentric” (that means weird) driver being apparently pretty good at sim racing. 

“We’re definitely trying to convince Richie to come back now that it looks like no one will have to deal with other human beings face to face.” a Supercars marketing drone explained. 

Former Supercars victim Garry Rogers welcomed the move, telling this reporter “Richie is a good driver, he just doesn’t deal with people”.