Baby Formula Plentiful As Daigou Shoppers Switch Focus

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Parents across Australia are finding it a bit easier than it used to be to find baby formula on supermarket shelves as “daigou” cartels shift their focus to the more lucrative toilet paper market. 

The news comes as the price of a single bog roll has surged past $1200 after social media users discovered the medicinal benefits of the humble tissue paper in preventing coronavirus. 

A veteran daigou shopper who requested to remain anonymous told The Waterton Daily Chronicle it wasn’t worth the hassle to stockpile baby formula anymore when he could “make a sxxtload more selling toilet paper”. 

“I don’t even have to ship it back to China. I just put it on Facebook Marketplace and people come knocking on my door. It’s very good!” he explained. 

The man told this reporter he was also starting to consult with shoppers on the most effective design for their toilet paper fort. 

“We recommend the igloo design for maximum protection for the virus, but a more traditional gothic approach has also been quite effective in preventing infection.”