Mark Skaife Spotted Hawking Toilet Rolls Outside Albert Park

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Following the cancellation of the entire Australian Grand Prix race weekend after one person tested positive for the sniffles, Supercars’ Mark Skaife Fan Club President Mark Skaife has reportedly been spotted outside the circuit manning a stall selling 12 packs of toilet roll. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle spoke to Skaife, who said he had stockpiled the Australian delicacy in the lead up to the now cancelled event. 

“Yeah I’ve got a whole coronavirus-proof toilet paper fort in the lounge at home, which has so far done a fantastic job of protecting me.” Skaife explained. 

This reporter understands Skaife was nearing completion on a similar anti-coronavirus structure in the commentary box at Albert Park when the event was cancelled on Friday morning. 

“Yeah, that threw a bit of a spanner in the works.” Skaife explained. 

“But it’s OK. these idiots are falling over themselves to snap up the toilet rolls for some reason. I’m gonna make a fortune!”. 

More to come.