Cricket Cancelled After Black Caps’ Balls Go Missing

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

The Chappell-Hadlee series between Australia and New Zealand has been cancelled after just one match was played, with the New Zealanders apparently running out of balls to play with following an absolute flogging by Australia in the first match at the SCG yesterday. 

Thankfully for Kiwi fans, the alleged match was played in front of absolutely no one after coronavirus hysteria  forced organisers to ban spectators. 

This created a new problem for the Kiwis though, with the World Cup runners-up spending much of the day wandering around the upper levels of the stands looking for their balls after being relentlessly smacked around the park. 

“We’re used to getting smacked around the park by the Aussies, but normally it’s OK because someone in the crowd just throws the ball back and we carry on.” explained captain Kane Williamson. 

“Basically, the Aussies hit too many sixes, and now we can’t find our balls, so we’re just gonna go home and pretend none of this even happened.” Kane continued.