Supercars: Spectators Avoid Coronavirus By Piling Onto Public Transport And Going To The Pub

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

The organisers of the Australian Grand Prix weekend, together with the Victorian government are pretty confident they’ve managed to avoid any more issues with coronavirus by cancelling the whole weekend and telling everyone to go somewhere else. 

“It’s just too risky for people to be gathering in large groups, so we’re asking everyone at the event to get on a train or tram and find something else to do.” explained King of Victoria Dan Andrews. 

“Head to Crown, hang out in Federation Square, go and have a meal at one of the few restaurants left at Southbank. Do what you like really, as long as it’s not the Grand Prix.” he added. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle asked King Andrews what the difference was between being in a crowd at Albert Park and being in a crowd on a tram. 

“Well, the crowd on the tram is probably a fair bit bigger than the one at Albert Park.” he quipped.