Supercars: Real Reason For Melbourne 400 Cancellation Revealed

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

While the official reason for the debacle that is now the 2020 Australian Grand Prix is apparently “because coronavirus”, The Waterton Sports Chronicle can now reveal the real reason, and it’s far more believable, if you’ve been a Supercars fan for a while. 

After Gary Jacobson got a bit more attention than Triple 8 could deal with yesterday as he wandered around the paddock on crutches following ankle surgery last week, Jamie Whincup decided to restore order to the situation by giving himself his own ankle injury to show off. 

Unfortunately for everyone he went a bit far with the injury and subsequently rendered himself unable to drive for the rest of the weekend. 

“Yeah, look, I just wanted to get as much TV coverage as Gary was getting really. Unfortunately we’ve gone a bit overboard with the roll (of the ankle), and now it’s a bit too ouchie to drive. But it is what it is you know.” Jamie told this reporter. 

With the severe parity issues presented by Whincup not participating in the race, Supercars Head of Parity Paulie the Parity Pelican was left with no choice but to cancel the whole weekend. 

“I mean we could have run with no spectators at the event with or without the F1 circus. But there’s no way we could run the event without Jamie. It just wouldn’t be fair.” squawked the seabird.