Supercars: Brad Jones Celebrating “First Time In A Long Time” Without A Writeoff

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

BJR Team boss Brad Jones is reportedly celebrating tonight after the team successfully negotiated a race weekend without leaving with one or more cars in several different trucks. 

The news comes despite Macauley Jones’ rear brakes once again having a red hot go at ruining his weekend at turn 1 in practice yesterday. 

“While obviously we’re disappointed to not be racing this weekend, it’ll be kind of nice for the team not to have to build a new car before Tasmania. It’s been a while since that happened.” Brad Jones told The Waterton Sports Chronicle. 

When this reporter pointed out that even Jack Smith emerged from the weekend without binning it, Brad seemed confused. 

“Jack Smith? Who’s that? Ohhhhh yeah. Oops.” he said. 

Brad is apparently hoping the team can translate not ruining the car offtrack into not ruining the car on track in time for the next round, whenever that might be.