F1: Sebastian Vettel Crashes Baggage Trolley In Rush To Get Out Of Melbourne

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Following the news that the Australian Grand Prix won’t go ahead because “reasons”, reports are coming in that former good driver Sebastian Vettel may have crashed his baggage trolley into a wall at Melbourne Airport. 

The incident apparently unfolded around 3am this mornng as Vettel was racing to get to the private jet before Kimi Raikonnen, as the pair fled the relative safety of Australia in favour of coronavirus experts Italy. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle understands Vettel was way out in front as the pair raced through customs and security, but In scenes reminiscent of Vettel’s effort at the 2018 German Grand Prix, he appears to have completely missed his braking point as he approached the gate, with the resulting impact with the wall sending his 27 suitcases flying. 

“No! No! No!” Sebastian apparently screeched as he gathered up his stuff and shuffled sheepishly to the plane.