F1: McLaren Employee Not Winning Employee Of The Month For A While

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

A McLaren F1 employee is simultaneously in quarantine and the dogbox tonight after testing positive for coronavirus. 

As the media-induced hysteria reaches a new high, Trevor from catering at McLaren is one super unpopular lad tonight after testing positive for the highest revenue-generating keyword in the history of social media. 

“Unfortunately, even though Trevor will be absolutely fine, the media would have an absolute field day with us if we displayed anything close to common sense in this situation, so we’ve made the only choice we can in the circumstances.” a McLaren F1 spokesperson told The Waterton Sports Chronicle. 

In news that will get Greta Thunberg’s knickers in a twist for the first time since coronavirus started out-trending heron Twitter, McLaren will now pack up all the people and stuff they flew to the other side of the world, and fly straight back. By which time Trevor will likely be ready to go again. 

The news has however shortened Daniel Ricciardo’s odds of finishing the race on the podium from $10,000:1 to just $2000:1. 

More to come.