Waterton Cat Welcomes New Family Dog With Customary Faceslap Combo

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Efforts to introduce a new pet dog to a pair of wily old cats went about as well as could be expected for a Waterton Lakes family today, according to reports from the scene. 

The drama unfolded after the Bijon-Frieze family decided for some reason they’d spice things up a bit on the household pet front after their two cats Kevin and Khloe became a bit too predictable. 

Things appeared to be going to plan initially, with new addition to the family Lily the Jack Russell immediately instigating a game of “tag” upon arrival, with both cats doing a good job of avoiding becoming “it” by doing laps of the garden, with Lily in hot pursuit. 

After the cats won the impromptu game of tag, Khloe headed over the fence to see if there were any other dogs she could get chased around by, while Kevin headed off to bed in the corner of the shed. 

Upon discovering Kevin in the corner of the shed, Lily seized the opportunity to make friends with her new roomie. For some unknown reason, Kevin didn’t really appreciate being cornered by a dog and decided to completely skip any attempt at diplomacy in favour of the more traditional cat strategy of immediately deploying the “Full Nuclear Multi-Paw Multi-Claw Mega Faceslap”. 

“Yeah it was pretty intense. The dog had no idea what happened.” explained cat food provider Dylan. 

“Oh well, we’ll have another go at making them get along tomorrow I guess.” he added.