Supercars: Macauley Jones’ Rear Brakes Go On Strike Again

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

In an apparent bid to fit in with the locals in Melbourne, Macauley Jones’ rear brakes packed up and went home towards the end of the practice session at the Albert Park circuit today, in what appears to be a protest over working conditions. 

The incident unfolded earlier this afternoon as Jones was just starting a flying lap, and ended with Macauley going full Dakar across the gravel trap and into the fence at turn one. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle caught up with Macauley’s left rear brake assembly, who explained what the issue was. 

“Mate, we’re just a bit sick of the working conditions to be honest. Like I get we’re brake calipers and pads and stuff, but we feel like we shouldn’t have to tolerate this sort of heat and friction.” explained the caliper. 

“And if there’s a state that appreciates a bit of industrial action, Victoria is it!” added a nearby brake pad.