Supercars: Concerns For Skaife’s Health After He Fails To Mention “Parity”

Supercars fans everywhere are a bit concerned something might be wrong with Mark Skaife today after he got through the first two practice sessions of the Melbourne 400 event without mentioning the topic of parity even once during either of the two half-hour sessions. 

The news comes after Skaife has made quite a name for himself as a “parity” advocate after years of whingeing any time Triple 8 isn’t winning. 

“It’s a bit of a worry really. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if he recovers as the weekend goes on.” a Holden fan told this reporter as we queued up for a $12 beer at the Albert Park event.

The Waterton Sports Chronicle has had a bit of a look into the situation, and decided there’s probably some sort of correlation between Triple 8 finishing both sessions ahead of Team Penske and Skaife managing to go almost a full day, so far, without talking about taking downforce off or having another cry about Scott McLaughlin winning Bathurst last year. 

The Chronicle suspects Skaife will make a full recovery by about halfway through this afternoon’s qualifying sessions.