Supercars: Whincup Reads Up On New Supercar Penalty Rules

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

For the first time since probably before his karting days, Jamie Whincup has allegedly had a quick read of the new Supercars rules. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle understands Whincup was just checking to make sure things like passing the safety car just because YOLO, deliberately blocking another competitor just because he’s in a Ford and I ignored the whole ‘cars need fuel or they’ll stop’ thing, and punting off the race leader is not OK even if you’re Triple 8 didn’t make it into the new rules that warrant removal of all championship points. 

Jamie was pleasantly surprised to find that those things will still be absolutely within the rules, as long as the car involved isn’t a Ford. Even if it is a Ford, it’s probably OK as long as it’s not a Penske car, according to The Chronicle’s legal eagles. 

“Yeah, that’s pretty positive for us really.” Jamie explained. 

Triple 8 boss Roland Dane was even more upbeat about the new rules. 

“Really what it means is we can continue doing what we’ve always done and no one will be able to do jack about it. Penske on the other hand. They’ll need to make sure they stay firmly in their place this year. Good times.”. Roland explained with a cackle.