Waterton Father Risks Death By Filling Rubbish Bin Too Much

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Drama has unfolded in a Waterton home tonight after father of three Darren filled a rubbish bin up beyond the point where closing the lid was possible. 

“Yeah, it was pretty intense” Darren told The Waterton Daily Chronicle. 

“Like I’m pretty confident it won’t be a problem, but the missus is adamant it will cause a backlog of rubbish when the Rubbish Wardens put that sticker on it.”. Darren explained. 

“Oh, I could have killed him. It’s just such an unnecessary risk to take in these desperate times.” Darren’s wife Sharon told this reporter. 

This reporter understands both parties are in for a sleepless night as they wait to see if the bin is emptied in the morning.