Search Party Assembled To Look For Team Sydney

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

 With just two days to go until Team Sydney and the rest of the full on circus that is Supercars are supposed to hit the track in Melbourne, a search party has been assembled on social media with two primary objectives. 

Objective 1 is to find the team, amid fears they may have become confused as to whether they head from Adelaide to Sydney or go straight back to their Brisbane home. 

Objective 2 is to look for clues as to who, if anyone, will be driving the car in the absence of James Courtney. 

The news comes after nearly two full weeks of absolute discipline from the team in maintaining radio silence. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle has joined the hunt, with our primary concern the welfare of the team members who have had to “find a way forward” after team boss Jono Webb started rationing Cokes. 

“Yeah. It’ll be pretty tough for the junior members of the team. It will be difficult for them in that environment, for sure.” explained Jerome Watts-Upp, an expert in the psychology of crisis situations.