Staying Off Kerbs Might Avoid Suspension Failure, Groundbreaking Triple 8 Investigation Finds

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

In the second of our “Groundbreaking Discoveries” series, we examine the discovery by Triple 8 today that not driving straight over the top of kerbs at 200kmh or more might actually help avoid suspension failures. 

Following Triple 8’s research a couple of weeks ago into the impact of putting enough fuel in the car on the ability to finish races, the outfit has today followed up that groundbreaking discovery with the revelation that suspension components generally won’t break if you stick to the race track. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle spoke to team boss Roland Dane, who explained how the thorough investigation was carried out. 

“Well, basically we looked at footage of when Shane (van Gisbergen) and Jamie (Whincup) weren’t driving over kerbs, and then we looked at footage of when they were, and it just seemed a bit odd to us that suspension failures seemed to happen just after they’d driven over kerbs but never just after they hadn’t driven over kerbs.” Roland said. 

“It could be quite a key moment in the championship for us” he added. 

This reporter has learned the team is now shifting focus to more complicated concepts like how not passing the safety car and putting four wheels on the car can be quite beneficial if you’re trying to win the race.