Holden Fan With $300 A Day Meth Habit Says Foxtel Is “Daylight Robbery”

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

A Waterton Holden fan who somehow manages to come up with $300 every day to avoid ever having to go to sleep, has taken to social media today to have another whinge about Supercars being on Foxtel. 

The unemployed man from Waterton Valley, who goes by the name Damo, spends his days browsing Facebook for opportunities to post the tried and tested “It’s only on Foxtel, why would I care.” comment on anything remotely related to Supercars.

Damo told The Waterton Sports Chronicle he can’t justify the $25/month for Kayo Sports because “nah bro, it should be free but”. 

“I can’t afford that! That’s bloody daylight robbery that is!” he explained. 

“They’re (Foxtel) a big company with lots of money. I’m just a simple guy with nothing but a pack of smokes, a bit of meth, and a few things from Radio Rentals and me Berlina.. I can’t afford to pay for Supercars. . They can afford to give it to us for free.” he added as he turned the stove on and cracked out his lucky teaspoon and syringe.