AFL: Collingwood Fan Tells Mate “It’s Only A Practice Match”

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Collingwood Fans everywhere are currently insisting it’s just a practice match as the Pies go down to AFL basketcases St Kilda. 

The news comes after the Pies put 40 points on somehow Premiers Richmond the other day, before succumbing to the Saints’ clever strategy of sucking at defence and randomly giving up possession the entire match tonight. 

Pies fan Daniel Reid told his mate to shut up after the Saints fan got a bit carried away with the preseason win. 

“It was like they’d won the bloody flag or something.” said Reid. 

“Which I guess is understandable given they haven’t won anything that actually means anything since before the Moon landing.” he added. 

“Yesssss! Cop that!” a random Saints fan told The Waterton Sports Chronicle. 

More to come.