Waterton Man Hangs Toilet Paper All Over Lounge Just To Annoy People

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

An incredibly selfish Waterton man has taken to social media this morning to brag about how much toilet paper he’s got in what some are describing as an “act of  emotional terrorism”.

The incident unfolded around 10am this morning when Randall Stephens (41) of Waterton Meadows posted a series of pictures on Instagram showing a meticulously constructed toilet paper wonderland with rolls draped carefully around the lounge walls and even a beautifully detailed toilet paper fort in the style of a Disney palace. 

“I’ve got so much spare toilet paper I built a bloody fort! Cop that losers! #toiletpaperpalace #coronavirus” the post caption read. 

Randall’s blatant trolling did the trick, with an angry Instagram mob assembling in the comments to tell him what a bastard he is. 

“You’re a bastard.” said about 300 comments.