Supercars: Team Sydney To Trial Driverless Car At Melbourne GP

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

With less than 4 and a half days until the Supercars circus hits the track in Melbourne and still no news from TEKNO, sorry, “Team Sydney” on who will be driving the car James Courtney vacated a week ago, The Waterton Sports Chronicle decided to do a little investigating. 

Reports last  week suggested team boss Jono Webb would announce himself as number 1 driver any day now, and that the delay was just down to his inability to type more than 3 words per minute. However that information is seeming less reliable with every passing hour as surely it can’t take almost a week to type out a three sentence press release.  

This reporter has learned from a somewhat reliable source that the team may have decided to try a different strategy in a bid to free up Jono for more team boss-ish jobs like allocating who gets what type of Coke

Given that the team has committed to run two cars in Melbourne, if Jono isn’t driving his car, who is? 

Our somewhat reliable source told this reporter the team will be trialling a variation on the “driverless car” technology the likes of Google and Tesla have been developing over the last few years. 

“Yeah we’ll most likely be running a driverless car at Melbourne. We think it’s a first for Supercars, which is quite exciting really. We weren’t expecting to be rolling out the driverless car this early in the season, but Courtney buggering off kinda forced our hand really.” explained the source. 

When asked how the team had come up with driverless car technology so quickly, the source looked a bit puzzled. 

“What do you mean? There’s no technology. It’s just the car won’t have a driver. So it’s driverless. At least we probably won’t need to sneak any panels or other bits from the Triple 8 garage this time.” he explained.