Supercars: Jono Webb To Share A Coke With Himself At Enduros

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

With less than a week to go before the Supercars circus (yes, it’s a literally a circus at this point) rolls out at the Australian Grand Prix, TEKNO, sorry, “Team Sydney” boss Jono Webb is apparently still typing up the press release announcing himself as the driver of his car, in his team, after James Courtney bailed out last week

The Waterton Sports Chronicle understands the delay is due to Jono not being able to touch-type, so he’s been battling away with one finger and a worn out backspace key since Tuesday night apparently. 

Meanwhile, with pretty much everyone in the Supercars paddock expecting Jono to hopefully finish his press release sometime in the next day or so, speculation has turned to who will be his co driver for the enduros later in the year. 

This reporter heard from what we’ll call a “fairly reliable source” at the pub this morning that Jono is pretty much over the whole team mate thing, and is probably just going to do the enduros by himself. 

“Yeah apparently he reckons he’ll just do all the stints himself.” said some random guy at the pub. 

“He seems to think it’s a winning strategy. He reckons he’s the only one good enough to give Scotty McLaughlin, SVG and Whincup what he’s calling ‘a run for their money’” continued the guy in the pub. 

It’s unclear whether he meant he’ll be quicker than those three, or if he’s literally just chasing their money.