Coronavirus: “Opposite Day” Declared As Trump Becomes Beacon Of Common Sense

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

As the global death rate from Coronavirus soars past 0.000040000001%, and the media-induced hysteria goes into “Ludicrous Mode”, a tiny morsel of common sense has emerged from an unlikely source. 

President Donald Trump caused yet another collective brain aneurysm among woke leftists everywhere today when he dared to suggest that coronavirus might not be quite as lethal as the click-chasing media would have us believe. 

Citing actual facts, the leader of the free world (get over it) pointed out that 27,000 people in the USA died from the flu last year. 

Obviously such a bigoted and “coronavirus-denying” fact didn’t go down well with the “cancel-culture” activists, who immediately took to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and even MySpace in an attempt to stop such common-sense statements from being taken even remotely seriously by what they’re calling “the unenlightened masses”. 

The Waterton Daily Chronicle took to the streets, without facemasks, in an effort to work out what the average person thinks about the risk of coronavirus. 

“Mate, I’m a fair bit more worried about wiping my ass next time I need to drop the kids at the pool! Where’s all the fxxxing toilet paper gone?!” asked Damo from Hoppers Crossing.