BREAKING: Supercars Investigating Scott McLaughlin’s Mobile Phone Use

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

In a developing story, reports are coming in that Supercars are apparently looking into whether Scotty McLaughlin might have used his mobile phone in an illegal manner at the Adelaide 500 last week. 

The investigation comes after vision emerged of Scotty sitting in his #17 Shell V-Power Mustang clearly interacting with a mobile phone. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle spoke to Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican about the incident, who explained he’s “pretty sure Scotty will cop a grid penalty or hopefully worse” for next week’s Australian Grand Prix round. 

“Look, the way we look at it, fiddling with your phone while in a car is illegal in South Australia. He was in South Australia. We’re not really worried about whether he was at a race track, in his garage, whatever, it’s irrelevant to us. What’s important is that he gets a penalty.” explained the seabird. 

This reporter understands Supercars will also investigate Scotty’s phone to see how he’s managed to get to such a high level in Candy Crush. 

“As usual he’s making the rest of us look silly, so we’ll have a look at how he’s doing it and apply the necessary parity measures to bring him back down to the rest of the field.” squawked Paulie. 

More to come.