Supercars: Team Sydney Makes Sports History By Actually Getting Worse After Leaving Gold Coast

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

As TEKNO, sorry, “Team Sydney” boss Jono Webb continues working on the press release announcing himself as his own number 1 driver, in his car, in his team, The Waterton Sports Chronicle has stumbled across an interesting development. 

While most sports teams normally go backwards as a result of moving to the Gold Coast, very rarely does a team manage to get worse after moving away from the alleged paradise. 

Apparently in an effort to prove that a Gold Coast sporting organisation can be even more of a basketcase than the Titans, Suns, or the long since defunct Blaze, “Team Sydney” decided that the move away from the Gold Coast wouldn’t get in the way of a crack at the “Sir Frank Williams Award for Most Impressive Decline in Motorsport History”. 

Former Supercars CEO and current Gold Coast Suns boss Tony Cochrane told this reporter Team Sydney’s campaign for the award is “really impressive”. 

“Mate, they’ve gone from Bathurst winners a few years ago to fighting over who gets what Coke. It’s spectacular.”.