Supercars: Jono Webb Explains Delay In Announcing Courtney’s Replacement At Team Sydney

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

As the drama surrounding James Courtney’s emergency jettison from TEKNO, sorry, “Team Sydney” continues, team boss Jono Webb has shed some light on why it’s taking so long to find someone to drive James’ old car.

Speaking exclusively to The Waterton Sports Chronicle, Webb told this reporter the initial problem was to do with his iPhone. 

“Yeah mate, it wasn’t letting me call anyone for some reason.” he explained. 

“Then we figured out that since Boost Mobile left with James, my phone needed topping up. Then it took a day or so to gather up the funds for the new SIM card and recharge.”. 

“From there I managed to get hold of Renee Gracie, but she reckons she’s a bit busy with her Instagram stuff.” explained the allegedly well-organised team owner. 

“And I’m still waiting for Taz (Douglas) to call me back. I’ll leave him another voicemail in a minute actually.” 

Jono went on to explain that if he isn’t able to convince someone to pay him actual money to trundle around Albert Park at the back of the field, he’ll probably just do it himself. 

“It’s my car, my team, I’ll do what I want thanks.” he explained as he sipped on a proper Coke.