Supercars: Team Sydney To Provide Chris Pither With Hazmat Suit To Avoid Toxic Team Environment

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

With the news that 2010 Supercars Champion James Courtney has packed up and left Jono Webb and Team Sydney after one race weekend, the team is scrambling to make sure that remaining driver Chris Pither doesn’t succumb to what has apparently been reported as a “severely toxic environment”. 

Neither Courtney nor team boss Jono Webb were willing to provide The Waterton Sports Chronicle with any really juicy information regarding the relationship implosion, so we’ll probably just go right ahead and completely speculate that it had something to do with Turn 8 at Adelaide, and maybe a bit too much Coopers mid-strength. 

Thankfully it appears Chris Pither is safe from the toxic environment for now, with the team apparently providing enough Hazmat suits for everyone still standing to survive until the end of the Melbourne GP weekend. 

It remains to be seen if the supply of Coke will last that long. 

More to come.