Supercars: Camaro Back On the Cards After Triple 8 Campaign

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Just as it looked like Triple 8 might have to run second-hand Statesmans or something from 2021 onwards, it looks like the Camaro might be back on the table after a successful campaign by Triple 8 in partnership with Paulie the Parity Pelican.

The Waterton Sports Chronicle has learned this morning that for several months, Triple 8 and Paulie and his team of Parity Pelicans have been in discussions with the Australian Government regarding how to avoid Supercars turning into The Mustang Cup, or worse, DTM. 

Speaking at a joint press conference on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, Paulie, Roland and current Prime Minister Scott Morrison explained the plan for 2021.

“As most people will be aware, we had absolutely no idea what we were going to do next year, following the voluntary assisted death of Holden. Roland wasn’t happy with the idea of running anything remotely relevant to the Australian car market, so we’ve come up with a great solution to keep him happy.” squawked Paulie. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison then explained what the plan actually involves. 

“The boys and girls and seabirds at Supercars and Triple 8 have explained to me that if we don’t do something drastic, Ford will win again, which obviously we can’t accept. So in order to give everyone a fair go, and especially Triple 8, we’ve decided to switch the entire country, every state and territory, over to left hand drive. This means we’ll all be driving on the right-hand side of the road from January 1, 2021.” Scomo explained with his usual marketing pizazz. 

The minor change to the entire country’s road network is projected to go “really well” with Paulie pointing out that major world powers like Sweden and Samoa managed it previously. 

“Most importantly it means Triple 8 can now run the Camaro next year, and people might actually buy one or two of them. We all know who Roland will be blaming if they don’t sell.” added the Pelican, with a grin.