AFL: Dusty Martin Tops Best On Ground Award With “Best In Pub” Later On

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

After taking home the “Best on Ground” award at the “State of Origin” game last night, apparently just for turning up to the venue, AFL golden boy Dusty Martin has reportedly backed up his latest accolade with a quickfire dozen or so pints and a “Best in Pub” vote from the pretty much toasted patrons of The Deported Father Tavern. 

The incident unfolded at around 3am this morning as Dusty was rehydrating after jogging around for at least 5 minutes during the only thing Victoria is likely to win for quite some time. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle happened to have a reporter on the scene early this morning for some reason, and managed to catch up with a now well-hydrated Dusty as he headed over the road to Revolver to watch the sunrise. 

“Yeah, not sure how I manage (sic) “Best in Ground” (sic) to be honest, but I defitely (sic) aserved (sic) “Best in Pub” he sort of explained, before disappearing into the night. 

More to come.