Supercars: Jacques Villeneuve To Mentor “Jacques” Smith At Melbourne GP

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Following an “interesting” weekend in Adelaide, rookie Jack Smith has apparently enlisted the help of the “Nick Percat” of Formula One, one-time barely World Champion Jacques Villeneuve. 

Jack’s dad said Jack was really looking forward to learning what to do when blue flags are waved at him, how to slow down enough to get into the pitlane, how to slow down enough to go around corners forwards instead of backwards, and also how to park in pitlane without ruining Rick Kelly’s race. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle caught up with Jacques Villeneuve earlier today, and he explained what he brings to the table that will help young Jack. 

“Well, firstly, you know I’m a World Champion right?” he asked rhetorically. 

“Like, seriously, I’m a pretty big deal eh.” he reassured anyone who might be listening.

“It’s only been 23 years since I accidentally won the championship, so it’s all pretty fresh in my mind in terms of what it takes to be a champion. And that something is to get the championship leader to ram you off the track so they lose all their points. 

“And it’s only been eight years since I was anywhere near a Supercar, which is nothing in tortoise years, so that together with the fact I’m obviously the best driver there ever was or ever will be, means I can really help Jack become Supercars champion this year.” explained Jacques.