“Ze Germans” Invading Supercars In 2021?

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Following GM’s announcement last week that it had finally accepted that injuries sustained by “Holden” over the last few years were not survivable, and that it had promptly turned off the life support, armchair experts everywhere have been full on guessing what cars will be on the grid next year and beyond. 

In a quest to clear up once and for all what’s going on, The Waterton Sports Chronicle conducted a thorough investigation into the situation, which consisted mostly of asking a few people in the office and down at the local cafe what they thought, together with over-analysing comments made by several team bosses during last weekend’s season-opener in Adelaide. 

This reporter spoke to some guy wearing a Walkinshaw Andretti United hat on the street this morning, who said he was “pretty sure” WAU are going to run BMWs next year. 

“Ryan (Walkinshaw) said they won’t be in Holdens. Chaz Mostert is buddies with BMW. So yeah, they’re definitely going German.” he explained. 

In a stroke of amazingly good luck, there also happened to be some bloke in an old Triple 8 shirt at the same cafe, who said he had heard from a mate “who works in the industry, at an indoor karting place” that Triple 8 are “definitely going to be in Mercs” next year, bro”. 

All this makes for an interesting situation. If the smaller teams continue to run Opels dressed up as Holdens, Ford will find itself in a similar position to France in 1939, surrounded by Germans. 

Team Penske Frenchman Ludo Lacroix said he wasn’t worried about the potential invasion. 

“We’ll put up more of a fight this time.” he explained.