Triple 8 To Try “Groundbreaking” Strategy At Melbourne GP Weekend

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Following a detailed investigation after the refuelling debacle in Race 2 at the Superloop Adelaide 500, Triple 8 have announced they will trial what they’re calling a “groundbreaking” strategy in Melbourne next month. 

Speaking to The Waterton Sports Chronicle this afternoon, team boss Roland Dane explained that the team had somehow worked out that putting the right amount of fuel in the car is actually a pretty good strategy. 

“We discovered through our simulator work following Adelaide that apparently if you put in 200mL less fuel than required, that can have a pretty significant impact on the ability to win races, which was quite surprising to us really.” explained Roland. 

“So the major learning we took from that is that from Melbourne onwards we’ll be putting enough fuel in to avoid having to come into the pits again. We’re really proud of our engineering and strategy guys and girls for uncovering this groundbreaking information.” he added. 

It remains to be seen what other innovative ideas Triple 8 comes up with as the season unfolds.