Supercars: Triple 8 Reveals What Cars It Will Run In 2021 Following Successful Adelaide Trial

Triple 8 fans can relax a little this morning with the news that the team has finally sorted out what cars it will be running in 2021. 

Much uncertainty has clouded around the team since “Holden” was sent to the car abattoir last week, but today’s announcement will surely give fans something to at least talk about, if not genuinely celebrate. 

Team boss Roland Dane told The Waterton Sports Chronicle that following a successful trial of the service at the end of Race 2 in Adelaide on Sunday, a decision had been made to just enter whatever Uber car was near the circuit around the time of the start of the race. 

“As you’ll be aware, we were absolutely stuck for next year in terms of what cars we would run in the Supercars Championship. But then Shane had a 5-star experience with the Tickford Uber at the end of the race, so we kind of just decided why not just grab an Uber for the all the races next year.” he explained. 

“Dutto and Cauchi have already moved away from their engineering roles to focus entirely on finding and picking the best-suited Uber car available at the time.” added Dane. 

Dane went on to explain that he was “really happy” to have finally sorted out what cars the team will be running next year, and was looking forward to working with Supercars to make sure the actual racing cars in the field were brought down to Triple 8’s level so they didn’t lose the championship again.