Supercars Counting Down The Days Until Scotty Buggers Off

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

As Paulie the Parity Pelican’s role comes under increasing scrutiny following Scotty McLaughlin’s Adelaide round win last weekend, The Waterton Sports Chronicle has become aware of a special initiative put in place by Supercars and probably Triple 8 to make sure no one loses track of just how much longer they have to put up with actually trying to improve. 

A source within the so-called “organisation” revealed to this reporter that Supercars commissioned a giant novelty calendar, which is now hanging on the wall of the so-called “organisation”’s Sydney office. 

“Yeah, like it’s pretty big to be honest. It takes up most of the back wall.” said the source, who The Chronicle has chosen not to name. 

“Every morning Paulie comes in and we have to have this “One Less Day” ceremony where he talks about how much easier it will be for us when Scotty goes to IndyCar, and people clap and cheer and stuff. And then Paulie takes the ceremonial texta and crosses off another day on the calendar.” added the slightly frightened source. 

More to come.