Supercars To Deploy Specially Designed Blue Flags At Melbourne GP Round

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Supercars has announced this afternoon that it will replace the standard blue flags, normally used at race meetings to get slower cars to let faster ones pass, with much bigger, brighter “Accessibility” ones, apparently in an effort to help out BJR rookie Jack Smith. 

Supercars Head of Diversity & Acceptance Tabitha Mortimer-Tomlinson  said the organisation had decided it wasn’t Jack’s fault he drove around for half an hour completely ignoring blue flags, and that the organisation needed to do more to accommodate his needs. 

“Well, we had a look at the footage, and while every other car had no issues seeing the flags, and slowing down to let cars pass, we feel that Jack could do with a bit of extra help.” explained Tabitha. 

Ms Mortimer-Tomlinson told The Waterton Sports Chronicle the organisation would be trialling “giant, like, parachute-sized, flags” every 10m around the entire circuit specifically for the Supercars races during the race meeting next month. 

“We’ve also updated the blue flag notification in Jack’s car to incliude an audio description of what blue flags mean, in English, Mandarin and Queenslandian.”.