SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Is Red Bull & Monster Actually Any Good?

Following dramatic scenes at the end of the Superloop Adelaide 500 yesterday, where Shane van Gisbergen’s “Holden” packed up a few laps from the finish and old mate was forced to catch the conveniently located Tickford Uber of Cam Waters’ Monster Energy Mustang, many people have been speculating as to what Red Bull mixed with Monster Energy would actually taste like. 

This morning, a junior staffer at The Waterton Sports Chronicle has become the hero nobody really knew they needed or wanted and answered the question for all of us. 

After being supplied with one Red Bull and one Monster Energy 250ml can (due to budget restrictions at The Waterton), junior reporter Randall Stephens (19) timidly began the experiment. 

“Do you reckon I mix them half and half?” he asked the gathered crowd. 

“Mate, it’s your experiment, do what you like.” replied one of the grumpy old senior editors. 

With the smell of Taurine thick in the air, Randall took a few tentative sips of the alarmingly brown-coloured potion, which we have very creatively dubbed “The Red Monster”. 

“Meh, it’s alright.” explained Randall, not giving much away.

“It could do with some vodka probably.”. 

In the couple of hours that has passed since Randall’s experiment, he has demolished both cans of pure diabetes and is currently finishing off his 26th story of the day, already a new record for The Waterton Sports Chronicle. 

“Randall on fire. Randall good writer. Randall report ALL the news!.” he muttered to himself as he sat under his desk hunched over his laptop.