Supercars: ‘Pelican Of The Year’ Award Announced

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Supercars has this morning announced a new initiative designed purely to ensure it’s not just Triple 8 collecting all the silverware this season. 

Having restored the natural order of the series after a couple of years of a Ford daring to actually be good enough to win, the organisation is in the mood for some serious self-congratulating, and Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican has come up with the perfect solution. 

Paulie made the announcement at an exclusive breakfast function for Supercars and Triple 8 only which was held at a secret Adelaide location this morning. 

“It was pointed out to us yesterday that with our parity work appearing to be working exceptionally well, with Triple 8’s advantage now obvious, and might I add, glorious, we need to find new and exciting ways to congratulate ourselves.  

“It’s pretty clear that Triple 8 is going to win everything now, thanks to our great work, so we wanted to make sure someone else at least gets a chance at some silverware.” squawked the seabird. 

“So.. with that in mind, I present the inaugural ‘Pelican of the Year’ Award!” Paulie screeched. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle understands the  Award will be automatically gifted to Paulie by himself and to Roland Dane by himself in an alternating year-by-year arrangement as recognition for services to Triple 8.