Supercars: Jack Smith Learns What Blue Flags Mean

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Reports are coming in that following a pretty eventful couple of days, supercars rookie and former shampoo model Jack Smith apparently spent Saturday evening studying what it means when those people on the side of the track wave blue flags at you. 

The good news comes after Smith spent what seemed like about half an hour during race 1 at Adelaide yesterday trying his absolute best to get punted off by Shane van Gisbergen. Instead of doing what racing drivers normally do when they’re being shown blue flags, Jack appears to have decided to show off his mad racing skills by going wheel to wheel with The Giz.

The Waterton Sports Chronicle caught up with Jack as he arrived at the circuit uncharacteristically on time this morning, and asked him how his evening of scholarly pursuits went. 

“Yeah, it was pretty tough if I’m honest.” Jack explained. 

“All the different colours are hard to remember. I’m pretty sure I’ve got my head around the blue ones now though. And yellow too. Oh and the one with black and white squares is pretty easy. That’s when everyone stops going fast.” he elaborated. 

The steep learning curve doesn’t end there for the rookie, with Jack set to head back into the classroom tonight to learn how to tell the time, following Friday’s effort where he seems to have pulled a bit of a Richie Stanaway and somehow missed the Class of 2020 drivers photo.