Roland Not Happy With Tickford Uber Pricing

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

In a move completely unlike Roland Dane, the Triple 8 boss has launched a protest against Cam Waters and Tickford’s Uber operation after copping some serious surge pricing for Shane van Gisbergen’s ride back to the pits today. 

The drama unfolded after SVG’s “Holden” broke down and he ended up catching an Uber, in the form of Cam Waters’ Monster Energy Mustang, back to pitlane. 

Roland told The Waterton Sports Chronicle he can’t see how they can possibly charge that much for such a short trip. 

“Surge pricing?!” he screeched at this reporter. 

“Shane even changed gears for him. Surely that has to get us some sort of discount?!”. 

Tickford boss Tim Edwards laughed off the latest Roland-related drama. 

“Shane seemed right at home in a Ford after all these years. Maybe it’s a sign for the future?” he quipped. 

More to come.