Courtney Falls For Triple 8’s Roadrunner Tunnel Trap At Adelaide 500

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Scott McLaughlin has managed to somewhat spoil Triple 8’s parity party this afternoon after finishing ahead of Shane van Gisbergen in the first race of the season at Adelaide. 

Things were looking pretty good for Triple 8 early in the race, and not wanting to risk missing out on a 1-2 finish, the team deployed their secret weapon at Turn 8, a newly acquired ACME Labs Roadrunner pretend tunnel originally designed to trick Wile E. Coyote. Obviously the trap was meant for Scott McLaughlin, but sadly the team got the timing a bit wrong and ended up snaring James Courtney instead. 

“Yeah, look, we had a crack at Scotty (McLaughlin). Unfortunately we seem to have pulled the trigger a little prematurely and James (Courtney) has gone straight in, obviously thinking he could make up some places with what looked from the outside like a decent shortcut.” explained 3rd place finisher Shane van Gisbergen. 

“It is what it is though, so we’ll have another crack tomorrow and see if we can grab Scotty next time.” added Gizzy. 
The Waterton Sports Chronicle attempted to obtain comment from Triple 8 boss Roland Dane, but he refused to provide anything more useful than “Meep Meep” as he ran to the race stewards  after the race, apparently to see if McLaughlin can be penalised for anything.