Supercars Fans Investigating Roland Dane After Mercedes Spotted

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

A group of Holden fans have this morning apparently organised themselves into a small but remarkably angry mob after one of them reckons he spotted Roland Dane getting out of a Mercedes C-class in the paddock at the Superloop Adelaide 500. 

The sighting apparently occurred around 7.30am this morning, and has the potential to make Roland look like even more of a turkey than he already does, following his comments yesterday blaming fans for the demise of Holden. 

Self-appointed leader of the angry mob, who we’ve decided to call Trevor to protect his identity, told The Waterton Sports Chronicle he was just waking up after “a big night on the Woody’s (Woodstock Bourbon & Coke) with the boys” when he reckons he spotted Roland running from a Mercedes to the Red Bull Hospitality area. 

“Yeah mate she was a pretty big night last night, so I kinda found myself sleeping under this tree in the park near where all the pit lane stuff is. Just as the world stopped spinning around me, and I could stop clinging to the ground for a minute, I seen a Merc pull up outside Red Bull and some bald guy full on sprinting into the garage.” explained Trevor. 

“It was like he didn’t want anyone to see him, but I did!” he added proudly. 

Trevor showed this reporter a picture he had taken of the incident, which unfortunately shows just a very blurry black Mercedes outside a very blurry Red Bull garage.

Apparently Trevor has sent the picture to a few of his mates and they’ve decided to spend the day camped out under the tree hoping to catch Roland not driving a Holden.