Roland Dane Lodges Protest Against Supercars Fans

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

In a classic move, Roland Dane has today had a massive whinge about the predicament Triple 8 and the other Holden Supercars teams find themselves in, and decided that it’s definitely “the fans” fault because they didn’t buy enough Opels. 

“Look, we don’t really think it’s anything to do with us. The problem is our fans put us in this position when they didn’t fork out actual money for front wheel drive Opels with shiny Holden badges hastily stuck on them.” explained Roland. 

The Triple 8 boss went on to explain to The Waterton Sports Chronicle that Supercars fans had left the team with no choice but to lodge a formal protest. 

“It’s clearly not our fault. It’s not like years of trying to change the rules to suit us had anything to do with the state of the sport now.

“It’s obvious to us that this whole mess could have been avoided if fans had been more considerate and bought pretend Holdens even if they didn’t want them. So we’ve lodged a formal protest against all Supercars fans.” he added. 

Apparently Roland is seeking an order from Supercars that would mean only Holden/Opel drivers are allowed to attend Supercars events or watch them on TV. 

More to come.