“Holden” Teams Have “Done Really Really Well To Gain Advantage”, Says Skaife

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

With the first proper practice session of the 2020 season completed in Adelaide this afternoon, no one is frothing at the mouth and all over the timesheets more than Fox Sports’ stealth “Holden” ambassador Mark Skaife. 

With “Holdens” making up three out of the top 5 spots at the end of the session, An unusually restrained Skaife took more than 1/100th of a second to congratulate himself first and then Triple 8, and then Erebus on “working really hard to gain an advantage over the Fords”.

When this reporter asked Skaife whether the Fords might have just had “an advantage” because they worked harder last year, he was very clear. 

“No! No not at all. There was clearly a parity issue last year, which thankfully we’ve sorted out for 2020.

“Now that we.. I mean the “Holdens” are faster than Fords again we can put this whole parity thing to bed.” he added.