Roland Dane Seeks Advice From Fernando Alonso On How To Make Up With Manufacturers

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

As the fallout from the Holden capitulation continues, and Holden fans everywhere continue to sob quietly to themselves in between random outbursts of pure emotion directed at innocent family and friends, reports are coming in that Triple 8 boss Roland Dane may have reached out to Fernando Alonso overnight. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle understands Roland is a bit worried that a decades worth of bitching about Ford might make them a little.. Ahem..  “cautious” about helping him out next year now that the Holden brand is headed for the abattoir. 

A source familiar with the situation told this report Roland had reached out to Fernando via Facebook Messenger last night, probably after a few glasses of red. 

“Yeah they had a bit of a chat last night. Fernando wasn’t a huge amount of help as you can imagine, but I think Roland probably got some basic ideas on what to say to Ford to make them forget all about all the dramas and tantrums of the last ten years.” explained the anonymous source. 

Apparently ‘Oh I was just joking bro” was at the top of the list, followed closely by ‘What parity disputes?’. 

“I mean, he would have probably been pretty happy to go to a different manufacturer, but for some unknown reason they’ve all gone and found other things to do with their money.” added the source.