Supercars Wooing New Manufacturers Following Holden Euthanasia

Following the news that GM has finally sent Holden to the farm after years of producing cars that no one bought while happily taking billions of taxpayer dollars back to Detroit, Supercars has woken up this morning in a quiet panic, and decided maybe they should probably kind of sort of try to maybe stop scaring away new manufacturers, perhaps. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle understands that Supercars is already finding this quest to save themselves from a similar fate to Holden a little tough, following years of trying desperately to discourage new manufacturers from entering the series. 

Head of Supercars and parity expert Paulie the Parity Pelican told this reporter everything was absolutely fine and he wasn’t at all worried about what will happen next year. 

“Mate, everything is completely under control. We’ve already got a plan for next year, which will be revealed as soon as we’ve completed the necessary parity tests.” he squawked tensely. 

A source within the “organisation” said the so-called “plan” currently involves wheeling out Roland Dane’s Reliant Robin and working on a way to fit the three-wheeler’s profile around a Car Of The Future frame. 

Apparently phase two in the project is to remove one of the front wheels of the Mustang Supercar to ensure “absolute parity”. 

More to come.